Secure Your Future with a Second Passport

Become a global citizen and benefit from the exclusive privileges of second citizenship. From visa-free travel to zero taxation on global income, a second passport opens the door to enhanced financial security and it gives you the option to work, live and study in your host country.

Proudly offered by TFG Global Solutions, our Citizenship by Investment programs will help you secure second citizenship in Grenada, Vanuatu, Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, and Turkey.

What is citizenship by investment?

Citizenship by investment requires prospective applicants to invest funds in the form of non-refundable donations or real estate in the host country. Most programs allow you to retain your original citizenship while benefitting from the privileges included on your 2nd passport.

Benefits of second citizenship by investment

The tax concessions that come with second citizenship make it an attractive option for investors in search of economic freedom and enhanced financial security. The benefits of dual citizenship are extensive, from visa-free travel to free international study opportunities…

As of 2019, 36% of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UNHWIs) worldwide maintained a second passport, while a further 29% plan to become dual passport holders.
– Knight Frank Wealth Report

Lifetime citizenship in the host country
Visa-free travel to 100+ countries
Zero taxation on global income and capital gains
Second citizenship for younger generations
Financial security – register assets without restrictions
Eligibility for US residency

How second citizenship works

TFG Global Solutions is proud to offer you and your family the opportunity to enjoy the incredible benefits that come with second citizenship and the privileges of owning a second passport.

There are two ways of obtaining citizenship through investment – most programs require applicants to invest in real estate or make a financial contribution in the form a non-refundable government donation.

Starts from US$ 100,000
Real Estate
Starts from US$ 220,000

Application Process

TFG Global Solutions is committed to providing the highest level of specialized service to ensure your second citizenship application is a success!

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When you apply for a second passport with TFG Global Solutions, you’re guaranteed confidential and highly specialized service at every stage of the application process. Our dedicated consultants go the extra mile to ensure a seamless service for you and your family.

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